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Sacred Sites - VideoCast # 13
What are sacred sites? Are they really more sacred than our own backyard? Perhaps they are places of possibility, where the line between what you believe to be and what can be and what is blurs a little, just enough for new possibilities to come into focus.

You Tube Presidential Debate VideoCast #12
Be a part of the process and post your question! Here is mine.

The Lot and L - Videocast #11
What is our lot in life, our destiny? Is it something we already know? Or is it something we will never know. Can we change our lot in life by working towards a goal?

Take A Shot! - Videocast #9
The earth is like a basketball spinning endlessly through time and space. How do you see your self in this strange land? Have you always thought about taking your shot?

The Mom Job, Videocast #7
No pay, no chance for advancement, and no pension. We spend 20 or so years of our lives working at a job that our government doesn't even recognize as a real job. We need legislation!

Tuesday Night VideoCast #6.
Beneath this city of wealth and magic is a world of dreams...

Essence VideoCast #5
There is a sacred moment along the eastern shore, when the moon rises and the sunsets. The dance of Spirit records the turning of the great circle Time. Mother earth and Father sky embrace, beginning and ending an everlasting ritual. In the magic twlight we are remade be the spirit that never dies...

Happy Valentines Day! VideoCast #2
Happy Valentines Day to all Lovers in 2006!

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